About Me

  Monicka A. Koneski E-RYT 500, LMT 18062

I have had a keen interest in all things movement-related for as long as I can remember.  This has manifested in many ways throughout my life including a love of athletics and physical training, a deep passion for dance and movement composition, and a genuine fascination for simply noticing the endless ways in which the world moves;  The glitter and glow of the setting sun on the ocean’s tide as it ebbs and flows, my cat stretching after a nap or watching a bird from his window-seat, shadows of clouds gliding over a valley creating a mobile patchwork of dark and light, fields of wind turbines dipping and rising their arms ever-reaching out towards one another, a person’s breath drawing into their body creating expansion and then softly yielding as it releases back into the atmosphere…  Inspiration is everywhere, if only we pause long enough to notice.

I have deepened my understanding of movement in the human body through a variety experiences, and also through many educational programs.  I received my BA in Dance and Movement studies from William Smith College (Geneva, NY) in 2003, I have completed over 500 hours of education and training at The Bhaktishop Yoga Center (Portland, OR), and I graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts (Portland, OR) in 2010.  I am currently engaged in a mentorship with Intuitive Healer Shayne Case to better understand my own capacity for healing, and the healing of others.  Life-long learning is very important to me, and I continue to seek out and participate in programs, courses, and experiences that support my massage and movement practices.  I believe in truly living this work.

When I’m not teaching yoga at The Bhaktishop Yoga Center, or engaged in my bodywork and movement practice, you will likely find me spending time with my husband and preschool-aged old son hiking, camping, reading, gardening, playing, or making art.

My mission as a bodywork practitioner, and a yoga and movement teacher, is to help each individual to access more freedom, comfort, and balance in their own body.  We are all incredibly unique, and each of our bodies has a story to tell.  It holds memories, experiences, hopes, and fears in the tissues and energies that comprise our form.  My job is to listen to what each person wishes to share with me, first with words, then with therapeutic touch, and often in the realm of movement as well.  I aim to facilitate a space where the body can work through its own magnificent healing processes.  I strive to call on all of the knowledge that has been shared with me throughout my life, to provide the most effective bodywork sessions that I am able.  My goal is for each of my clients to leave the session feeling grounded yet light, and to experience a truer sense of connection with their own body.